Just trying to make an honest assessment here about a popular cellulite remedy:  cellulite creams.   Good news is that the anti cellulite cream reviews here (made up of  myself and online users) have concluded that in spite of what advertisers claim,  creams are simply not a 1 week miracle removal potient.  And please correct me if I’m wrong, but I know of no cellulite removal cream — only cellulite reduction creams.velashape before after11 Cellulite Cream Reviews: Does this stuff really work?

And a select few of these cellulite creams, lotions, gels, and other solutions do actually offer more than satisfactory results. Dermatologist and especially users still can’t refute the evidence that legitimate topical treatments really do work…emphasis on legitimate. And by the way, that’s what CelluliteCreamsReview.net aims to do:

The products below are honest reviews, ratings, and unbiased user feedback (you) as of January 17, 2012.  They will represent the top cellulite creams going into the spring of 2012.  The products we endorse do reduce the embarrassing appearance of that ‘orange peel’ or ‘dimpling’ skin effect (similar to image to the right).

Anti Cellulite Cream Reviews: What to Expect

1.  Revitol: O Cellulite Cream Reviews: Does this stuff really work?ne of the biggest benefits that Revitol customers seem share is that Revitol “Solution” works to tighten the skin. Most  noticeably the skin around your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and stomach where problem  areas are most noticeable.

No review site will ever say this but you can expect noticeable results i.e. visible cellulite reduction around 7-8 weeks of application (at least twice daily).  Results in less than a week aren’t typical for any cellulite cream. A good idea is too apply cellulite creams like Revitol when the skins pores are most porous like after bathing or showering.

Revitol cellulite solution has no known side effects, smell, or post application residue or drying effect like some cellulite treatment creams. In fact it behaves as a skin tightening moisturizer in a way. Currently it is one of the better known, endorsed and recommended cellulite products available online.   The #1 consumer question I hear is:  Do cellulite creams really work?  Right now Revitol seems to have the best answer.

2.  Derm Cellulite Cream Reviews: Does this stuff really work?ology: Utilizes all natural ingredients as well. Two in particular that seem to aid in reducing the skin ‘dimpling’ effects of cellulite is:  Caffeine and Retinol A.   Together both ingredients are not typically found in many other popular treatment creams like Nivea Cellulite “Good-Bye”.     Retinol A and Caffeine can dramatically help achieve the overall health, appearance and smoothness of your skin as well.  Caffeine is known to be a natural diuretic.  So it helps evenly distribute water between fat cells so cellulite areas will appear smoother.

Side effects of cellulite creams are known to emit unpleasant odors, tingling of the skin, dryness of the skin, residue, etc. but have not been an issue or recurring problems with Dermology. Like Revitol, Dermology ingredients are 100% safe.

Compared to most anti cellulite lotions Dermology is relatively inexpensive and just in case you’re not impressed, like Revitol it’s guaranteed for 90 days. It’s recommended that you ‘try before you buy’ since the risk free trial offer is basically the cost of shipping.

Dermology offers a lot of social proof. There are more voluntary positive testimonials and reviews endorsing Dermology than you can shake a stick at.  If you have any comments please add your do-follow comments below for the benefit of  all readers.

cellulean cellulite review Cellulite Cream Reviews: Does this stuff really work?3.  Cellulean: Here’s another “radical alternative to liposuction”. Cellulean’s cellulite reduction cream claims a whopping 78% reduction in ‘dimples’ in under 30 days. How does it work? By ‘boosting collagen and elastin (proteins found in the connective tissue of skin that allows the tissue to resume its shape after stretching or contracting) and other antioxidents along with ‘fat cell reduction’ cellulite virtually disappears .

That all sounds moderately convincing but very few cellulite sufferers will find a 30 day answer to cellulite stricken thighs, buttocks, or stomach skin.  But is it a good cellulite cream?  Well, in spite of its brash claims Cellulean has a lot of mixed reviews and user feedback.

Users have denoted a menthol or sports cream like smell to the gel and even a post application residue. Beyond that complaints regarding the companies refund policy have come into question. So even though Cellulean is one of the more popular products, it’s not one we recommend.

Click Here To review the official standard for Cellulite Creams —> Recommended Cellulite Cream

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anti cellulite legs1 What Are The Best Cellulite Creams on The Market?

Discover What's Better Than The Best Cream...

As of January 2012 there are roughly 20 what I will call “main stream” or the “best” cellulite creams on the market.   They’re not all the best of course…just the best marketed.  But I don’t care about all that!  I remember when I had to buy the top cellulite cream.  I really wasn’t interested nor did I have the time to read those mind numbing, superficial reviews of what cream or serum was ranked number 20.  I only cared about #1.

But to be thorough I maintain maybe 3 or 4 of the best cellulite remedies backed by support of who you and I really care to hear from:  consumers (you and me).   Now, if you’ve read the home page most tend to rank Revitol and Dermology as having the best creams for cellulite.

“The reason for the rankings is not just my own experience along with professional and consumer reviews, but the natural ingredients that these creams offer… is just the best.  What I find inside Revitol just makes good sense...

The Best Creams For Anti-Cellulite Have These Ingredients:

Caffeine is a natural diuretic and will aid in distributing water between fat cells.  Caffeine helps those trouble spots (legs, thighs, buttocks, and even arms) to get firmer and smoother.  Dr. Howard Sobel, MD., who is one of the leading cosmetic dermatolgists in New York City stated that the body will absorb caffeine topically and eradicate that water via. urination.  So, it’s best to buy creams that rank caffeine among the top five ingredients on the label.

Also, Sobel recommends that you massage a cream high in antioxidant ingredients like:  retinol, grapeseed, green tea or vitamins A, C, or E and even pomegranate.  The best cellulite creams will many if not all of these ingredients.  The result is you will have a cellulite cream that works to naturally fight free radicals.  Free radicals attach to and then destroy healthy collagen cells but antioxidants found in Revitol will keep that from occuring.

With that said Revitol’s Solution Cream is my pick as the top cellulite cream on the market.  To make creams even more effective I highly recommend this home cellulite treatment that you can do in about 15 to 20 minutes at home (without paying for a massage ever!).

Click Here To review the official standard for Cellulite Creams —> Recommended Cellulite Cream

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